Jüdische Presse

hagalil, Das größte jüdische Internet Magazin Europas, in deutscher Sprache

Jüdische Allgemeine, Berlin


Aufbau. Das jüdische Monatsmagazin

Jüdisches Europa

in der Schweiz:


Jüdische Rundschau, Basel, erscheint seit 4/2001 als Teil von Tachles

Aufbau, Zürich

in Israel:


The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Report

in den USA:

The Jewish Daily Forward 

Aufbau, New York, Archive

The New York Jewish Week

The Jewish Press

Jewish Heritage Online Magazin 

Jewish Post

Weitere amerikanische und israelische Publikationen:


Beis Moshiach
 Magazine providing news and articles about Moshiach and the Redemption, Chassidus, Judaism and Lubavitch philosophy.

Chabad Lubavitch
 Site for worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement that promotes Judaism and provides daily lectures and insights. Publishes magazine featuring articles on current events, daily thought and week at a glance.

 News and opinion magazine. The flagship of neoconservatism. Beside other issues, examines the future of the Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture in Israel, US, and around the world.

 Magazine on the heritage of the Land of Israel, featuring articles on history, archaeology, nature, heritage and travel in Israel.

Authoritative newspaper of news and opinion on Jewish affairs.

Jerusalem Report
Biweekly news magazine offering original journalism from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Jewish Journal
J ewish news from Los Angeles. Daily news & comentaries, life & culture, Hollywood news.

Jewish Heritage 
Online magazine featuring articles on Jewish culture and heritage by leading Jewish scholars, teachers and writers.

Jewish Magazin e
Monthly magazine includes articles by the Jewish writers on Israel, Judaism, Zionism, from mysticism to Jewish humor.

Jewish Post of New York
 News and articles relating to New York City’s Jewish community.

Jewish Renaissance
 Cultural magazine with event listings and features covering books, art, music, film, theatre, ideas and society.

Jewish Travel
 Vareity of feature articles and interviews providing stimulating perspectives on global Jewish travel. Based in the US.

Jewish Week
 New York based newspaper covering news, arts, culture, travel and food, plus advice from the rabbi.

Jewish World Review
Devoted to people practicing contemporary Judaism and those interested in learning more about the faith.

Kabbalah Today
 Apolitical newspaper that shares the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah in a contemporary style. Produced by the Bnei Baruch – Kabbalah, Education and Research Institute.

Kashrus Magazine
 Source of news and information about kosher foods and services.

 Conservative political commentary on Israeli and Jewish affairs.

 America’s premier independent Jewish magazine. An open conversation on Jewish culture, politics, and religion, this magazine serves as a forum where diverse opinions converge.

Neturei Karta 
International organization of Orthodox Jews “opposing the so-called “State of Israel” because the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish Law.”

Reform Judaism 
Magzine of the Union for Reform Judaism. Covers developments within movement while interpreting world events and Jewish tradition from a Reform perspective.

Features articles, discussion, book reviews, and Torah commentaries.

 Magazine serving “as the liberal alternative to the voices of Jewish conservatism and spiritual deadness in the Jewish world and as the spiritual alternative to the voices of materialism and selfishness in Western society.”

World Jewish Digest
 Magazine confronting issues facing Israel and world Jewry featuring noted writers Natan Sharansky, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Krauthammer and more.

More Israeli Papers: 

Arutz Sheva 
Major news service presenting viewpoint of hardliners. Features also online video reports and newstalk radio.

 Offers articles representing the Israeli and Palestinian perspectives on current events relating to the occupied territories.

 Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories.

Bi-monthly leftist magazine focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and published in Jaffa by Arabs and Jews.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)
US-based media-monitoring organization battling “anti-Israeli bias in the media”.

 Rightwing site devoted to analysis in the fields of terrorism, intelligence, military affairs, and politics.

Emet News Service
 Weekly summary of news and events concerning Israel and the Jewish people.

Esra Magazine
 Magazine of English Speaking Residents Association (ESRA). Features articles on topics of varied interest – arts, business, environment, health, jewish scene, and more.

 English version of Israeli business newspaper.

 Respectable daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs.

 “Fast-action website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage.”

Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)
 Site offering summaries of news reports from the Arab and Israeli newspapers, official Israel and PNA statements, public opinion polls, analysis of treaties and agreements.

Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center
 Focuses on issues concerning intelligence and terrorism. Identifies occurrences of incitement and propaganda against Israel.

 Independent multimedia broadcast and distribution network that focuses on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues.

Israel Behind The News
 Presents news items and analyses “that you often do not see in your mainstream media, even if you live in the Middle East”.

Israel Hasbara Committee
 Publishes a variety of material about Israel and the Jewish People in the belief that such material will be of great assistance to all those who are fighting anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitism.

Jerusalem Newswire
 Online daily news source for headline stories, analyses and commentary on Israel and the Middle East.

Jerusalem Post
 Right-of-center, one of the leading Israeli newspapers.

Jerusalem Report 
Left-wing news magazine covering Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)
 Global source of news, investigative reporting, opinon and features on current events and issues of interest to the Jewish people.

Jewish World Review
 Conservative magazine of culture, politics, and religion.

Middle East Newsline
 Regional defense news service. Reports on Israeli military, strategic programs and relations with its neighbors.

MidEast Web 
Articles representing wide range of perspectives about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Our Jerusalem 
Focuses on issues affecting Israel, with special emphasis on Jerusalem. Includes the latest Jewish news, backgrounds and historical documents.

Palestine-Israel Journal 
Independent magazine that aims to analyze critically the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians.

Rabbis For Human Rights
Rabbinic voice of conscience in Israel, giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights. Promotes justice and freedom, while campaigning against discrimination and inhumane conduct.

English news headlines from International Kol Israel Radio Station.

Source, The
 Explores Israel culture, art, people, and places through monthly features.

Times of Israel, The
 Documenting developments in Israel, Middle East and around the Jewish world.

Virtual Jerusalem
 News and information on Judaism and Israel.

Yedioth Ahronoth 
Popular tabloid-style Israeli newspaper. The site is part of Yedioth’s online edition – ynet.co.il – Israel’s number one source for online news.

 English-language sister-site to Israel’s largest news and content website Ynet, covering both the Israeli and international arenas.

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