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The Felsberg synagogue on the Ritterstrasse in the center of the small city of Felsberg, which dates from the Middle Ages, is one of three stone-built synagogues in the countryside of Hesse before the Second World War and is architecturally the most important. Until 1938/39, the synagoue served as the house of worship for the Jewish congregation of Felsberg. The synagogue is uninhabited at the present. It had been used as a Pizza restaurant until summer, 2013.

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The Associaion of the Felsberg Synagogue Center has made it a goal to purchase and restore the former synagogue. The stone facade will be uncovered again. The financial means to do this need to be acquired.

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Children’s group of the Jewish congregation of Felsberg in front of the synagogue. A glass window with a star of David is to the right in the picture. 1938.

A Jewish congregation existed in Felsberg until 1938/39. The origin of a lively Jewish community in Felsberg goes back to the 18th Century. However, there were already a number of Jews in the city in the 16th Century. A protected Jew was mentioned in 1593. Documents prove that in 1611, Isaak Samuel from Felsberg (also called Isaak Schmuel) moved to Schmalkalden with the permission of the Landgraf Moritz von Hessen and in 1622 built a small synagogue. In 1773 there were nine Jewish familes with a total of 26 people in Felsberg.

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Jewish education school in Felsberg

The congregational building of the Jewish congregation can be seen here under the Felsberg (name of the hill above the city) in the Quergasse. It was maintained by the Jewish congregation of Felsberg and had its own teacher.



Cantor and religious teacher Hans Bodenheimer in the synagogue in Felsberg.